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176 Kimzey Road   Mills River, North Carolina  

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176 Kimzey Road, Mills River, North Carolina

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Living Web Farms is where hands on learning comes to life.

Workshop videos are available to learn from anytime.

Projects include

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Pioneering soil microbiologist, Dr. Elaine Ingham teaches us about "The Life in the Soil" in Part 4, "What is Soil?"

Discover the dynamic relationships of microorganisms, plants and soil and the big differences that distinguish soil from 'dirt'.

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Join ethnobotanist, Marc Williams and forager extraordinaire, Natalie Bogwalker on this adventure as we discover the wild foods around us in the fields and forest edge. Learn an architecture of understanding plants based on their families and common traits to help expedite a working knowledge of the plant diversity around us.

Wild Foods Foraging


Life in the Soil

Six Figure Farming