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176 Kimzey Road   Mills River, North Carolina  

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176 Kimzey Road, Mills River, North Carolina

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Living Web Farms is where hands on learning comes to life.

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April 18 Wild Foraging: Greens Expedition + Preserving Wild Foods with Marc Williams and Natalie Bogwalker


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Pioneering 'Soil Food Web' scientist, Dr. Elaine Ingham, B.A., M.S., PhD., explains the interconnected relationships of microbes in healthy soil. Learn how a biodiverse microbial community in the ground is critically important for soil nutrient uptake, vibrant plant and ecosystem health.

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Alan Muskat is a multi-talented 'philosoforager', stand-up 'mycomedian', and epicure of the obscure. Learn about the wondrous mycelial world and the abundance of wild foods available year round in nature.This series is from the first annual Organic Growers School Harvest Conference, 2014.

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Ray Archuleta is a Conservation Agronomist at the NRCS. He is known for his infectious enthusiasm for healthy soils which has earned him the moniker, "Ray the Soils Guy".  Ray will be joined by David Brandt to teach about how to promote healthy soils through agroecology principles that synergistically work with nature.